• Brian Scott-Smith

The Push For Equal Marriage Continues

The wait is almost over for the US Supreme Court to make their decision about 'gay marriage' in America.

That and the future of Obamacare, will either be greeted with applause and celebration or chaos and the promise to carry on the fight for equality for all.

So how interesting that the latest US company to make its preference known is part of an industry not traditionally or historically known for sticking their necks above the parapet and possibly upsetting their stakeholders or indeed their customers.

Enter online insurance company, part of the All State family, who have released a video, from an actual recent wedding , where they asked children and gay teens attending, what their dreams are of their future wedding.

It's a short but poignant video that doesn't 'ram' the message home to the viewer, rather takes you on a journey as the children and teens candidly speak their minds - #equaldreams

More and more US companies are joining in the 'gay marriage' debate and voicing their support, even if backlash against their brand occurs, through the modern social media world we all live in. But that isn't putting them off and according to a Huffington Post article back in early May 2015, 379 US companies supported 'same-sex marriage' and were urging the Supreme Court to do the same.

It seems the tide really is turning, and even if one wants to be cynical and say, well sure they're supporting the campaign, it makes them look good and gets them new customers and retains existing ones who believe in the cause - Esurance points out, they've been supporters of all types of marriage since 2011, even in States where same-sex marriage isn't recognised.

We shouldn't forget as well, that gay people are also these companies employees and those people want to know they're working for an organization that cares about them too.

Whatever the decision come the end of June, let's not forget, there are plenty of other major societal issues that need an equal voice too.

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