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An All New Me!

Just like cars, websites, whether personal or for business, need to be changed and updated. It's been a while since I had my first website and this new one is probably the fourth version since it all began. Watching out for trends in website appearance, to the font you use and not forgetting the use of multi-media and getting those SEO tags correct and not forgetting it has to scale for mobile! Anyway, it's here, please take a look and enjoy.

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The Push For Equal Marriage Continues

The wait is almost over for the US Supreme Court to make their decision about 'gay marriage' in America. That and the future of Obamacare, will either be greeted with applause and celebration or chaos


Apart from his broadcasting and reporting duties for local radio and Internet TV. Brian is voicing work for Corporate clients and undertaking media consultancy and training work for a number of high profile corporate and non-profits in the USA.


Brian is developing multiple projects in 2020. He reports for WSHU (NPR) and produces a monthly podcast for the senior community called Generations as well as reporting for local commercial radio. He will also be producing for the Tokyo Olympics.


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